Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells: Progressive Deposition Techniques and Future Prospects on Large-Area Fabrication


論文題目:Colloidal Quantum Dot Solar Cells: Progressive Deposition Techniques and Future Prospects on Large-Area Fabrication

論文作者:Qian Zhao*,Rui Han,Ashley R. Marshall,Shuo Wang,Brian M. Wieliczka,Jian Ni,Jianjun Zhang,Jianyu Yuan,Joseph M. Luther,Abhijit Hazarika*,Guo-Ran Li*

發表期刊:Advanced Materials, 34(17), 2107888, 2022

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Colloidally grown nanosized semiconductors yield extremely high-quality optoelectronic materials. Many examples have pointed to near perfect photoluminescence quantum yields, allowing for technology-leading materials such as high purity color centers in display technology. Furthermore, because of high chemical yield, and improved understanding of the surfaces, these materials, particularly colloidal quantum dots (QDs) can also be ideal candidates for other optoelectronic applications. Given the urgent necessity toward carbon neutrality, electricity from solar photovoltaics will play a large role in the power generation sector. QDs are developed and shown dramatic improvements over the past 15 years as photoactive materials in photovoltaics with various innovative deposition properties which can lead to exceptionally low-cost and high-performance devices. Once the key issues related to charge transport in optically thick arrays are addressed, QD-based photovoltaic technology can become a better candidate for practical application. In this article, the authors show how the possibilities of different deposition techniques can bring QD-based solar cells to the industrial level and discuss the challenges for perovskite QD solar cells in particular, to achieve large-area fabrication for further advancing technology to solve pivotal energy and environmental issues.

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